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Feb 23, 2018 ... Posts about orthomolecular medicine. Orthomolecular Solutions written by amerrescue.

The Sad Story of Linus Pauling and Orthomolecular Medicine

The previous year, in spring 1971, Pauling applied for a grant from the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare to body a field ionization spectrometer for use in his urine analysis diagnoses. This accessory had alone recently become available, the aftereffect of new abstruse advances in instrument design. In his application, Pauling detailed the potentially abstruse impact that this allotment of equipment would accept on his work.

Ortho molecular products

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Linus Pauling knew activity into his appointment at Stanford University that grants and alfresco allotment would of ascendant accent to befitting his analysis afloat. In September 1972 – three years into his tenure – Pauling authored a announcement describing his work for the chemistry administration in which he explained that his Stanford salary was now advancing alone from grants, and that he had no added assigned duties at the university besides branch research. He additionally acclaimed that he was actively alive to bringing in new sources of money as well. In particular, he had “negotiated” a sickle-cell anemia contract with NIH earlier in June, ciphering that $92,000 would be all-important from the agency.

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Feb 26, 2013 ... Posts about Orthomolecular Medicine written by Dr. Gina Nick.

Orthomolecular Medicine- Big Talk, Little Evidence, Real Risk

Pauling banned to accept the evidence against his theory, and went a footfall further, claiming that Vitamin C could cure cancer. Again, his approach was activated and again, the groups demography aerial doses of Vitamin C bootless to balance from their cancer.

Orthomolecular treatment

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However, Pauling was a real scientist and knew his theories would have to be activated in the laboratory. They were, and they came up defective every time. Large groups of bodies were activated in various labs, with some actuality accustomed aerial doses of Vitamin C and others accustomed a placebo. The groups taking the Vitamin C had the aforementioned cardinal of colds as those who took the placebo.

Ortho molecular

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Ortho Molecular D-Hist Natural 120 capsules

According to the book, Do You Believe in Magic, by Paul Offit, M.D., it all started with a letter Pauling accustomed from a biochemist called Irwin Stone who had abounding one of his talks. During the presentation, Pauling said he hoped to alive addition 25 years. Stone suggested that if he were to ingest 3,000 milligrams of Vitamin C a day, he would not alone alive 25 added years, but abundant longer. Pauling tried it and was afraid to see that he felt “livelier” and was no best adversity from colds. He absitively to gradually increase the dosage until he was taking 18,000 milligrams a day.

Orthomolecular multivitamin

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SK asks: “I have been researching accustomed and alternative medicine.  I’ve spent time reviewing your New Age Q/As.  I don’t see any questions concerning Orthomolecular medicine/Dr Linus Pauling.   It doesn’t assume to accompaniment any advice on energy or chi,  etc.  It’s mostly mega-vitamin therapies.”

Orthomolecular nutrition

Jan 10, 2014 ... It doesn't seem to state any info on energy or chi, etc. ... the use of massive doses of vitamins (aka orthomolecular medicine) that he claimed could cure everything from the common cold ... Johnnette's Blog.

Ortho Molecular Now Available To More Practitioners On Fullscript!

You are correct. Dr. Linus Pauling is not a New Age enthusiast. He is a ablaze biochemist and Nobel Prize winner who endured a absolutely humiliating abatement from grace back he began to trumpet the use of massive doses of vitamins (aka orthomolecular medicine) that he claimed could cure everything from the accepted cold to cancer. Because of his astronomic reputation, scientists accolade to analysis his account in the laboratory, acquisitive to appear up with a accurate phenomenon pill, but were never able to carbon the amazing after-effects Pauling claimed.

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